BIG Question: How is Christ a Champion for women?

Little Question 1: What role did women play at resurrection?

Mark 16:1-3
• These women had all been with Jesus at the cross
• Mary Magdalene is the one Jesus healed from 7 demons in Lk 8:2
• The other Mary is the mother of James the Lesser
• Salome is the mother of Apostles James and John
• You will see in the following scripture that a woman named Joanna was also among them. Joanna was the wife of a prominent man in Herod’s court whom Jesus healed.

Luke 24:2-8
• Why didn’t the men believe them?

John 20:2-10
• Jesus had been predicting these things would happen, yet the apostles were slow to understand
• Some scholars believe Mary Magdalene may not have ran back right away with the other women but rather hung around at the tomb a bit longer.

John 20:11-18
• Mary was the first one to see Jesus alive, not Peter, not John, not even his mother, but rather a woman once possessed by demons whom the Lord had restored life to.

Matthew 28:9-10
• Commentators believe maybe the other women encountered Jesus about the same time as Mary Magdalene or they made more than one trip to the tomb.
• Either way, it is clear that Jesus appeared to these lucky ladies before he appeared to a single one of the 11 remaining apostles.

Little Question 2: How had Jesus elevated these women?
• Mary Magdalene
• Joanna
• Salome
• Mary Mother of James the Lesser

Matthew 5:14-16

Little Question 3: How has Jesus elevated you?