The Fruit of KINDNESS

Chrestotes (Ancient Greek)

  • Moral Goodness
  • Benign disposition, gracious


  • Found back in the book of Ruth
  • Ruth was a foreign woman who came to gather from the fields of Boaz as was a common practice.  When Boaz found out, he not only let her glean the dropped harvest but also commanded his workers to drop extras for her and to let her drink water from their own supply.
  • As the story continues you see the integrity and graciousness of Boaz displayed again and again.
  • This is a man whom David himself must have been proud to call his great-grandfather.

The Fruit of GOODNESS

Agathosune (Ancient Greek)

  • Uprightness of heart and life
  • The definition goes on to explain that this particular Greek word for "goodness" focuses more on doing good on behalf of others.  There is another word for goodness that deals more with emotion.


  • Genesis 22:1-12

Displayed in CHRIST


  • Time after time, people brought their sick, their hurting and even their dead to Him.  He had compassion on them; giving the blind sight, making the lame walk, causing leprosy to vanish, making the deaf able to hear, and raising the dead.


  • Mark 11:15-17

Displayed in Us

We need to show Kindness

We need to show Goodness