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  • Sunday School Elective - "The Path To The Cross"

    Join me these next few weeks as we explore the Holy Land with a video series that captures the essence of Biblical stories and characters in impactful ways. So far we have learned about John the Baptist and the Essenes. Next we learn about the temptation of Jesus from the site he was actually tempted!

    - Sam Guilliams -

  • The Christmas Experience Sunday School Elective

    Join Sam this Sunday for a brand new Sunday School Hour Elective “The Christmas Experience” in the room at the end of the Sunday School Hallway.


    The Christmas Experience is an imaginative Bible-based study that examines the important truths discovered in the first Christmas.There is an important truth that we discover as we experience that first Christmas. God always keeps His promises. 


    For all of us that find ourselves feeling like it is always winter and never Christmas, we often feel distanced from God. But through this study, and the story of Christmas, we find out that we can always trust God's timing. Just in time for Christmas, join us in a six-part study to discover what it truly means to experience Christmas.

  • Genesis Electives "Noah's Ark and The Great Flood"

    Join Sam for Genesis Electives during the Sunday School hour as we spend the next few weeks exploring questions about The Great Flood and Noah’s Ark; October 23, 30, & November 6.

    Here is a great question…What is an ARK?

    In Hebrew “Ark” is the obscure term tebah, a word that appears only one other time when it describes the basket that carried baby Moses (Exodus 2:3). One was a huge, wooden ship and the other a tiny, wicker basket. Both floated, both preserved life, and both were covered; but the similarity ends there. If the word implied anything about shape, it would be “an Egyptian basket-like shape,” typically rounded. More likely, however, tebah means something else, like “lifeboat."

    The Bible leaves the details regarding the shape of the Ark wide open—anything from a rectangular box with hard right angles and no curvature at all, to a shiplike form. Box-like has the largest carrying capacity, but a ship-like design would be safer and more comfortable in heavy seas. Such discussion is irrelevant if God intended to sustain the Ark no matter how well designed and executed.

  • Want to learn more about the Genesis Flood?

    Join me the next six weeks, beginning this Sunday, as we explore the evidence and effect of the global flood!

    The Genesis Flood Elective meets beginning at 10:10am in the room at the end of the Sunday School Area hallway. Bring your umbrellas!!  

    - Captain Sam -

  • Ortberg Sunday School Elective

    Gary Finley is leading a new Sunday School Elective. This seven-week study will feature the book “Who is this Man?” by John Ortberg. The author shows how Jesus’ influence has swept over history, bringing his inspiration to areas of culture such as art, science, government, medicine and education. He also reveals how Jesus’ vision for us to lead lives of dignity, compassion, forgiveness, and hope continues to inspire and challenge humanity.


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