Welcome, we are glad to have you!

One of the most important decisions in a person's life is the choice of church in which he or she will worship and serve. We believe that Michigantown Christian Church is unique in many positive ways, and we hope you will agree after you have worshipped with us. In all we do we strive to honor and obey the Bible as we seek to discern and carry out God's will in our lives. This site will help you become better acquainted with us and with our various ministries.

We want you to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and make Him the focal point of your life! We want you to know that we care about you and your family! We want you to worship and serve the Lord through Michigantown Christian Church.

Please feel free to call us if we can answer any questions or provide any ministry for you. May God bless you as you seek Him and serve Him daily!

-- Sam Guilliams, Minister.