Do you pray for your neighbors? I mean your literal neighbors. Do you pray for them? Or, do you just pray that the people living next to you will stop burning leaves because the smell bothers you? Our current Mtown Book Club selection "The Neighboring Church" has a lot of great thoughts and quotes about intentionally loving and praying for your literal neighbors. Here is one of them from page 99.

"Pray Small, Specific Prayers Too many of our prayers are too vague to be answerable (God, please bless so and so) or too big for us to believe God will answer them (God, I pray my rich, scientist, atheist neighbor will put his faith in you). Many of us have prayed for years for a loved one to come to know Jesus, but it appears absolutely zero, zip, nada has happened. But it’s not because God doesn’t want our loved ones to trust in him. Maybe our prayers need to be more specific in order to be answerable and actionable and small enough for us to have faith to see it."