Our current MTown Bookclub selection for April and May is “Who is This Man?” by John Ortberg. The book presents a case for how Jesus has influenced humanity in many ways, both seen and unseen, over the last two-thousand years. Here is a quote, from page 24, about how different the attitudes were about children before Jesus came and came them value. He is the reason we place such a high value on the childhood years.

"The title “child,” especially in that day, would be a vivid contrast with “king” or “great.” In the ancient, status-ordered world, children were at the bottom of the ladder. In both Greek and Latin, the words for children meant “not speaking’; children lacked the dignity of reason. Plato wrote about the “mob of motley appetites pains and pleasures” one would find in children, along with slaves and women. Children were noted for fear, weakness, and helplessness. “None among all the animals is so prone to tears,” wrote Pliny the Elder. To be a child was to be dependent, defenseless, fragile, vulnerable, at risk.”

When Jesus invited kids to come and sit with him, he was bestowing value on another marginalized segment of society. In Christ's eyes, all God's creatures have high value and the innocence of a child is something to be emulated rather than looked down upon. 


It’s not too late to order your copy of “Who is This Man?” Just call the office or let a staff person know this Sunday!