I have really enjoyed reading “In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day.” I know many of you are getting as much out of the book as I have been. It might be my favorite MTown Bookclub selection yet! Here is a great quote from Mark Batterson (page 114)…

"I think many people make a fundamental mistake in the way they view their relationship with God. They view it in win/ lose terms. They see it as a zero-sum game. They focus on what they have to give up and fail to realize how much more they get back. A relationship with God is the ultimate win/ win relationship. Let me go out on a theological limb: I don’t think there is any such thing as sacrifice when you’re a follower of Christ. Sure, we are called to “deny ourselves” and “take up our cross.” We’re called to “lose our lives so that we can find them.” And we certainly experience temporary loss. But I don’t think anyone has ever sacrificed anything for God. Why? Because we always get back more than we give up. And if you get back more than you gave up, have you really sacrificed anything at all?”

When you trust God to take care of your big picture and the small details, it is amazing how much you no longer worry about the big picture or the small details. 

- Sam Guilliams -