Have you ever heard of the "Thousand Yard Stare?" The phrase was coined during the later stages of WWII when LIFE Magazine ran an article about soldiers returning from war with what we now call PTSD. The picture was of a man who was said by Marines to have a thousand yard gaze common of someone who had seen so much war that his mind was focused beyond what was right in from of him to something his eyes couldn't yet see. 

As Christians passing through this life, we too often feel traumatized by what we see and experience in a world corrupted by the curse of sin. Maybe it was an illness that rocked your world. Maybe it was a family member who really disappointed you. May it was a betrayal or failure of some sort. Maybe it was even a death of someone you loved so much it hurts now. All of these things can leave you feeling disconnect from the present staring at a horizon that looks bleak. 

In Paul's second letter to the Corinthian Church, he talks about a VERY different kind of "Thousand-Yard-Stare." As Christians, we need to be able to look past the present and gaze at the future. Our time on this planet is so short. What we face here is so temporary. The horizon of eternity will be under your feet sooner than you think. BUT, in the mean time, while you journey toward your own sunset, remember that being a disciple means having a vision to follow Jesus no matter what you have to do to stay with him and leading others to look up at what you see. Way off in the distance, I see a place where the curse of sin cannot follow us and where tears are wiped away. Can you see it too? 

- Sam Guilliams -