Here is a quote from David Platt on page 149 in chapter 7, "It’s biblically impossible to follow Christ apart from joining his church. In fact, anyone who claims to be a Christian yet is not an active member of a church may not actually be a follower of Christ at all. To some, maybe many, this may sound heretical. “Are you saying that joining a church makes someone a Christian?” you might ask. Absolutely not. Joining a church most certainly does not make someone a Christian. At the same time, to identify your life with the person of Christ is to join your life with the people of Christ. To surrender your life to his commands is to commit your life to his church. It is biblically, spiritually, and practically impossible to be a disciple of Christ (and much less make disciples of Christ) apart from total devotion to a family of Christians." 

This passage resonates with me. I've heard people come up with many reasons why they don't attend a church on a regular basis. But the one that always baffles me the most is the person who actually thinks they don't really need to be part of a church even though they consider themselves a devoted Christ follower. How good of a son or daughter are you if you never talk to your parents and never attend family gatherings. You might technically still be a member of that family but can you really say you're an active member of a family you barely interact with?

- Sam Guilliams -