I love the beautiful language used by Biblical writers. You see it a lot in books like Psalms or Job, but you’ll also find it in hidden places like Jude 12. The author is warning people about not being fooled by false teachers who are like “clouds without rain” and like “autumn trees without fruit.” 

It made me think of my friend, Mark, who lives in the mountains near Chattanooga, TN where for the last several weeks, wild fires have raged coming within a mile of his house. How many times has Mark looked toward the sky hoping just one of those worthless clouds up there would drop some rain? 

I hope you realize the people you work with and interact with on a daily basis are watching you for signs of hope from above too. Whether you realize it or not, you play the role of prophet and ambassador for someone in your life right now. They look to you as the “Jesus Expert.” Maybe you are the only Christian they know or the only one they trust. Either way, we need to make sure we are not clouds without rain when someone in our life is looking for relief from above. We are to be ready “in season and out of season” to be the Jesus they need when they need him.